Living in the Cloud

I acknowledge the responses to my earlier blog on introducing the book ‘Living in the Cloud.’ I would like to make some comments on the feedback I have received.


This book was intended as a global book as well as to be sold through online marketing or distribution. The publisher is from US and it is currently printed and distributed from UK. What this has resulted is that the price of the book in India is way above other similar books printed and distributed in India.


While some initiatives are being discussed with the publisher, whatever change may happen, may take time for price of the print editions to come down in India. As things stand the best option is to obtain the e book.


The ultimate goal for this book is to reach the teens and early twenties. I would value your inputs to make this book available among teen groups, through school and college networks etc.


I would value ideas and suggestions of how the teens and twenties can be reached more efficiently.


Thanks for your kind support.


Rajaratnam Abel